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Swat Bot Wireless Weapon Robotic System Can Also Mount A Paintball Gun

swat bot wireless weapon robotic system

Growing up as a kid I always wanted to strap my paintball gun to my RC cars that would take me hours to build but unfortunately I could never figure out how to pull the trigger. Now, comes the Mil-Sim A5 PaintBall Gun Mounted to a fully Upgraded, Brushless, 4WD, RC Vehicle, and I am really jealous that I didn’t have this when I was a kid. Though, this all-aluminum, Lipo Powered unmanned ground vehicle is designed specifically for law enforcement, I can think of a thousand ways to have fun with it around the yard. The Swat Bot is designed to minimize the exposure that law enforcement personnel may have with a particularly dangerous scenario. Gun Control, including elevation and firing is placed in the hands of a trained officer. Capable of Speeds of 50+ MPH, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this capable little beast. This reconfigurable weapon system allows for easy mounting of red dot sights, infra red, suppressor and much more, but lets keep it safe people! Paintballs only please.

Buy it here for $5300.