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Tagg Pet Tracker, Keeps a Tab on Your Pets

tagg pet tracker

Does your dog or cat just wonder off in the yard and you are always yelling their name? Thanks to the Tagg Pet Tracker you will have to worry no more because your pets are in good hands. The Tagg Pet Tracker combines GPS and wireless technology to allow you to keep tabs on your pets simple. The GPS used to track your pets exact coordinates and also determines a safe zone for how far your animals can wonder off. If your pet goes too far, you will be notified via text or email.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is linked into the Verizon data network giving you coverage in most part of the country. You can pick up this awesome gadget for only $199.95 and that includes a full year’s worth of service.

Learn more about the Tagg Pet Tracker system through PetTracker.