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The Infinite Loop SmartPhone and Tablet Stand

coolest gadgets infinite loop tablet and smartphone stand

The Infinite Loop Smartphone and Table stands are a very unique and interesting solution to a problem with face every day.  How do you set down your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone and still keep in perfectly positioned for use?  Where do you put your iPad, Android Tablet, or new HP Tablet PC when you need both hands free but wish to continue using it? 

Most stands work great for a few situations but are not adaptable to all your needs.  Enter the Infinite Loop.  This unique idea from Tim Gushue is another of the great projects through KickStarter.  The Infinite Loop a rigid plastic stand but a strong, durable, mold-able stand which can be used anywhere.

You can wrap the infinite loop around a bedpost to hold it in bed.  You can use the suction cup to stick it to your car window or the side of your PC monitor.  You can use the Infinite Loop as a stand on your kitchen table or desk.  Anywhere you need a stand the Infinite Loop can work.  When you do not need it, simply roll it up and stash it away.  This could become one of the most sought after iPhone 4 accessories and Smartphone accessories of the year.

Via The Fancy and KickStarter – can be pre-ordered through a Kickstarter Donation of only $35, or get the MiniLoop for only $19.