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Thermodo Thermometer for Mobile Devices


The Thermodo Thermomter is a dynamite concept that you can really use. The Thermodo is a Kickstarter project designed to turn your phone into a real thermometer. The tiny Thermodo plugs into your iPhone via the audio jack and this is where things get really interesting and inventive.

The Thermodo is a tiny thermometer which transmits the temperature to your phone via an audio signal. The accompanying software translates the audio signal into a displayed temperature after a split second of calculations. Once you have the app installed you can plug the Thermodo in and have a temperature reading in seconds. It works equally well indoors or in the sweltering heat of summer, or frigid cold of winter.

At the moment the only way to order a Thermodo is through the KickStarter project. You can place your order for one by donating $25 or more to the project. The more you contribute the more devices and more options you get, including  getting a standard black and an anodized aluminum edition.

The Kickstarter project is scheduled to end in just a few days. Make sure you get your request from one in fast to lock in these low prices ad to make sure the project moves forward.

Via Thermodo