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Turning on the Tap to Charge USB Devices

Turn Tap for USB Power

When the power is waning in your USB devices and you need a quick refill just head over to the tap, plug in the cord, and turn the spigot.  Soon your USB device will be overflowing with power, as long as you used the right faucet. This USB charging faucets is one of the best gadgets to confuse and amuse yourself and friends.  The USB charging faucet is a very simple, unique, and clever idea created from the mind of Qi Weijia. The faucet is wall mounted using a simple internal transformer to provide juice for recharging all of your USB devices.  The power switch is controlled by the faucet handle.  You literally plug your USB cable into the faucet turn the spigot handle and let your device charge.

Via Yanko Design