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UFFO Satellite Docking Station

uffo satellite docking station

It is a flying saucer come to steal your iPhone, Android, or MP3 player?  Is it a toilet bowl sucking down your coolest gadgets?  No, the UFFO Satellite 2011 is much cooler than either of those ideas. This interesting gadget is a combination storage and recharging bin for all of your best gadgets and devices with USB charging.  The design uses a great looking wood grain base to hold your gear safely within the ceramic ring.  The small opening around the bottom of the ring are to allow for the cords for charging to sneak their way into the middle.  Inside the base of the bowl are 6 USB ports. Only one external cord runs away for the UFFO Satellite to provide the power of charging all of your USB gear at one time. The Satellite helps you to reduce cord clutter and looks great on your dresser, end table, or coffee table.

Learn more about the project from En and Is.