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USB Bombshell MP3 Player

USB Bombshell MP3 Player

Does the USB Bombshell MP3 player qualify as one of the best USB gadgets, or is it just one of the best gifts for men who think they have it all?   MP3 players have become very standard looking.  Yes, there is variety in the size of memory, controls, and software, but most of them are rectangular boxes.   The USB Bombshell is exactly like it sounds, a real bomb. 

The USB Bombshell is not a simple little device, either.  It is an MP3 player, includes a radio tuner, and is a portable speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, or any other MP3, MP4, or media player.  The Bombshell comes bundled with a remote control make it easy to control the built-in MP3 player, or adjust volume when other devices are attached.

The Bombshell can even read a USB Flash drive, Micro SD memory, or Micro SDHC memory cards.  No matter how you have your music stored this little USB Bombshell can make it explode from the speakers.

All of the technology is great, but the appearance is even better.  The fuses dropping into the sticks of silver dynamite emblazoned with a Skull and Crossbones makes sure your music is destined to be of killer quality.

Via The Fancy buy from Brando for $43.00