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USB Desk Fan

USB Desk Fan Gadget

Sitting at your PC can be hot tiring work.  All you really need is a little breeze in your face to make it feel better.  The Ventilateur de Bureau from MaxOrdi in France is  a perfect example of how to stay cool, both in temperature and appearance.

The Ventilateur de Bureau is a simple USB powered fan you can use on your PC or Laptop.  The stem of the fan is made from flexible formable metal with allows you to position the fan exactly where you need it.  This makes it ideal to pair up with your laptop, netbook, or MacBook where you never know how you will be sitting.  No matter your position you can just twist and bend the stand to have the fan blowing in the perfect direction. 

This is one of those cool gadgets which may not be fancy or outlandish but improves enjoyment.  The Ventilateur de Bureau is very inexpensive at only 3.59 Euro or just over 5.00 USD.

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