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Waterproof ATC Mini Extreme Sport and Underwater Camera

waterproof atc mini cam

The ATC Mini waterproof camera looks like a flashlight at first glance, but is actually a clever design for a camera intended for use by extreme sports fanatics and for underwater movies. The design allows you to easily take pictures and point the camera which just one hand.  It is capable of 720p quality movies, which leaves us wishing for a little more.  Hopefully in the near future a new release will hit the market bumping the capability up to 1080p. This clever little underwater camera will survive in depths up to 66 feet making it perfect for most snorkelers and scuba divers. The camera is designed to be easily mounted on bicycles, helmets, and other outdoor equipment making it highly versatile for all sports.  It comes equipped with 32GB of SD Memory which can be rapidly swapped out. The rechargeable batteries are designed to be quickly and easily swapped, too. While the 720p resolution may be a slight disappointment the overall design and function of the camera should be a hit for most users.