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WiFi Light Switch by WeMo

wifi light switch wemo

WeMo by Belkin may transform your home into a true adventure. The WeMo product line contains a series of home electronic switches that allow you to take control of your home using your WiFi enable phone, laptop, or a PC. The light wireless light switches let you control every light in your home with  a simple app that shows you the room, the light fixture, and lets you manage it without being near. The WiFi enable outlets let you turn on and off any device that plugs into a wall outlet. Imagine being able to double check if you shut off the iron from the office and then turn it off if you did forget. WeMo even has motion activated switches and a baby monitor that reports to your mobile phone via WiFi instead of requiring you to carry another monitor with you.

The WeMo switches start around $60 and are available from Belkin.

Via WeMo at Belkin