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Withings Smart Baby Monitor

withings smart baby monitor

The days of the old walkie-talkie style baby monitor are coming to a close thanks to innovative companies like Withings. Their Smart Baby Monitor combines a digital webcam and microphone with an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to give you complete monitoring capability of your baby, plus some other cool features. You can watch your baby sleep using the webcam right on your phone or tablet. You can hear your baby, but that is not all. You can turn on the nightlight, monitor temperature and humidity, and you can even talk to your baby. Is the baby restless, then turn on the melodies to woo them back to sleep. The Withings Baby Monitor is not just a simple listen for trouble device, but a real monitoring system with the ability to aid in taking care of your baby.

You can buy a Withings Baby Monitor through Amazon for around $250.



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