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Analogue NT – NES Goes Hi-Tech

analogue nt

It seems like centuries in tech-time since the original NES hit the marketplace, but some of the games from that classic deck refuse to die. Their fun was not in the extreme quality of graphics, but in an extreme focus on simple fun. Analogue Interactive decided it was not time for the fun of the NES to die, or for the games from the  Japanese Famicom version, either. They took the innards necessary to run the games and encased them in solid aircraft grade aluminum, every feature was tweaked to make the deck look better, be more durable, and to work flawlessly. Inside you find the hardware standards that made NES reliable and fun.

If you are tired of playing NES games on an emulator and look wistfully back at those 2000 amazing titles, you can reclaim history. The Analogue NT is set to hit the market anytime. Pricing has not been announced.

Via High Snobiety and Analogue Interactive