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Facebook Board Game

facebook game

Patrick C. Klein believes Facebook and other social media outlets are causing a decline in real-life interaction that leads to depression, isolation, and other social woes. His new game is designed to let you play “Facebook” without going online. You get “Likes”, check “Status”, and do all your normal Facebook activities, but do it in real face-to-face game play with your friends instead of online. This is Patrick’s simple way of saying enough is enough, let us get together and have some fun without an LCD screen and a bunch of electronic bits in between. The game has not officially launched but should be going live on his Cargo Collective site any day.

Once again, before you go offline to play, please click the Facebook Like, Facebook Share, and while you are at it, go ahead and Tweet this post, then you can head on over to Cargo Collective and get your Facebook Board Game to play offline.




Via Cargo Collective