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Google Nexus Orbit

google nexus orbit

Who could strike fear into the hearts of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo by announcing they are entering the game console market? Google!

Imagine the power of Android, Google Glasses, Google Chromecast, the Google PlayStore, and all the other technology floating within this innovative company. Joseph Dumary did more than imagine. He went to work and created a concept of what Google Video Game Console could look like and the features it might include. The results are scary, at least for the three big game deck companies. The ability to leverage media using Chromecast, the Playstore’s immediate software delivery system, the powerful Android engine backed with thousands of developers, the innovative Google Glasses, and innovative concepts, this device could quickly put a major dent in the market.

The game console market is set to become highly exciting with new product releases from established players, Steam’s latest announcements, and Joseph Dumary’s vision of what Google could drop into the market in a heartbeat.

Via High Snobiety and Dumary on Coroflot