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Modern Warfare 3 Sells Record $775 Million in 5 Days

call of duty modern warfare 3

The entertainment industry is notorious for tabulating the number of units and dollars sold within the first week of a new movie, album, or game release. It is always interesting to read stats and see how well something did in its opening week but this time around,¬†MW3‘s opening week just blew my mind!

In just 5 short days, Modern Warfare 3 managed to sell $775 million worth of units! Considering that Activision announced that $400 million worth was sold in its opening day alone. MW3 is shy from its 1 billion dollar mark which I am sure was reached while I was writing this post. This marks the fastest and most revenue growth than any other entertainment launch in history!

To date, the Modern Warfare franchise has grossed a cool $6 billion dollars. Did you buy it?