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OUYA Game Console

ouya game console

You loved the idea when it was a Kickstarter project awarding it over $8 million dollars in backing making it the second highest earning Kickstarter of all time. Why did people love the idea? The Nvidia processor, the DVI port, and advanced controller make it a cool game deck. The tiny Rubik’s cube size console doubles the excitement. Then you add OUYA’ s commitment to letting players try every game free of charge creating a frenzy of excitement in both game players and game developers. The game console is fast, fun, and has a fast growing library of games that you can explore before choosing to pay the small prices developers demand on the platform.

What makes the excitement even more extreme? The $99 price tag to buy the console with a single controller paired with a library of games ready to play turns it into the best game console value available.





Via Bless This Stuff and OUYA