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Playseats Evolution M Game Seat

playseats evolution m game chair

How serious are you about your game play? Do you get caught up on Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, and other driving games so deeply that you almost throw yourself out of the chair on those high speed turns? If you are a game playing addict, the Playseats Evolution M Game Seat gives you the comfort, control, and game excitement you want. The seat makes you feel like you just strapped into a great sports car seat. The table provides the perfect height, firmness, and strength to hold your favorite steering wheel even when you get crazy racing down the virtual track. The adjustable foot brackets allow you to mount your favorite gaming pedals in the perfect location to feel like you are in the driving seat of your custom racing car. You can dial in heights, lengths, and angles to customize your seating position to give you the ultimate driving control possible.

The Playseats Evolution M is available through Amazon Partners for as low as $379.95.

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