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Playstation Vita TV

playstation vita tv

Sony understands game players. They know we love freedom of movement offered by portables, but we really love to see the action exploding across our big screen television. Enter the Sony PS Vita TV. This upcoming offering from Sony is a cross between a remote control, a PS Vita game deck, a remote bridge for the upcoming PS4, and a gateway to music or movies. In one tiny handheld control you can play incredible games, turn on movies, listen to music, and in the future remotely play your PS4 games, even if the game deck is in another room and being used by someone else. This is the evolution of game play for adults, offering us a combination of entertainment and gaming in a small wireless device devoid of a big game deck.

The innovative product is slated to hit store in Japan in November and in the USA shortly after that for around $100.

Via Sony