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PS4 Controller Revealed

ps4 controller

Sony is on a mission to keep their name in front of game players at the release of the new Xbox thundered into the news. The release of the new PS4 if trailing behind the Xbox as both companies scramble to reinvigorate the gaming industry with new technology. Sony’s latest leak reveals images and news about their new PS4 controller. The controller is drastically different with a large blue light on the front, but what is the purpose of this light panel?

Rumors indicate the new controllers and PS4 are smarter. They can adjust on the fly screen positions in multi-player games. When you hand your controller over to buddy while you run to the other room (code word for bathroom) the PS4 automatically readjusts the multi-player positions on screen to give your buddy the best viewing position possible. The game controller looks incredible, but we are ready to see it paired the real thing.

Via TechRadar