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Sifteo Cubes – Gaming Has Taken an Interesting New Direction

Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes are one of the coolest gadgets for gaming in recent years.  They take gaming in an entirely new direction.  What makes the Sifteo Cubes so interesting is the simplicity of their games tied to the unique method of play.

Each of the tiny cubes has its own small LCD screen and radio receiver.  The cubes talk to your PC via a USB radio transmitting d0ngle.  This allows you to store new games, keep your best scores, and  keep your Sifteo Cubes up to date.   The cubes are filled with tiny motion sensors, too.  You play games by hand motion, similar to many games you play on an iPhone but with the unique ability to play across multiple screens. The multi-screen capability makes it possible to have classic games like checkers, chess, and even tic tac toe simulated on the cube. The Sifteo Cubes cost $149.00 for a 3 cube starter pack. You can buy additional cubes for $45.00 each up to a maximum of 6 cubes.

Can be ordered on Sifteo