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XBox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Grab onto the U-shaped Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel and get ready for action.  Instead of the standard steering wheel this U-shaped racing yoke will have you imagining you are seated at the throttle of a Stealth Bomber.  Your racing games will come to life as you sit back in your recliner or on the couch enjoying the wireless freedom of this fantastic looking new XBox 360 accessory. 

The Wireless Speed Wheel is equipped with buttons for hitting the gas or stomping on the brakes, no need to worry about foot pedals slowing down your freedom to move.  The motion sensors are highly sensitive giving you excellent control in any racing games including DiRT3, Midnight Club:Los Angeles, or Forza Motorsport.

The rumble feedback will keep your attention on the road and scrambling to make fast adjustments.  The only shortcoming on the XBox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel is the lack of shoulder buttons needed in a few games.

The best part of the Speed Wheel is the U-Shape.  The unique looking design feels great and is easy to handle.  You will get all the natural driving experience you love while screaming down the street. Buy it for only $59.99.

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