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Whether its for a day trip or a nice long weekend campaign, living out of a space-limited bag can be very frustrating. Organizing yourself with SegSac keeps all your important gear in check. Made from 30D ultra-light nylon, the SegSac ways almost nothing, is water resistant

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Swiss+Tech BodyGard XL7

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a man? The BodyGard XL7 from Swiss+Tech may be that perfect gift. The small key-ring tool provides a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, a loud alarm, flashlight, emergency flasher, tire gauge, and tire tread checker all

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Survival Grenade by Z.A.P.S. Gear

We are going to avoid all the cliches about Zombie attacks and other disasters today. Z.A.P.S. Gear’s new Survival Grenade is not aimed at red-eyed survivalists preparing for the end of the world. The Survival Grenade is the perfect accessory to toss in your car

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Tiny Folding Survival Bow Weighs Folds to Under 2 Feet

Carrying a high-quality bow around in your vehicle can be unwieldy. Go Primal Now knows you can never know when a prime hunting opportunity may appear, or when a survival situation could pop-up. The Folding Survival Bow gives you a full-featured bow in just a

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Ding Dong Breaching Tool Is Epic

The folks at Gerber have taken the sledgehammer and battering ram into a whole new level with their latest Ding Dong Breaching Tool. This epic multi-tool hammer uses machined and durable cross-hatching construction. The Ding Dong Breaching Tool is equipped with a fiberglass handle, molded

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Klax Multi-Tool Ax

Axes are handy to have up in the country or just laying around with your other outdoor gear. The Klax is the creation of Oregon-based Klecker Tools who wanted to solve the axe problem once and for all and make it multi-functional as well as