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Acecamp MultiTool Survivor Shovel

acecamp survival shovel

You could not dig yourself out of trouble with a shovel, or could you? The Survivor MultiTool Shovel from AceCamp almost guarantees you will get out of trouble. The shovel is just 12″ long and weight around 11 ounces, so how is it going to save you? You can dig a hole. You can cut down a branch with the saw. You can use the compass to stay on course. You can use the fishing gear to get some needed protein. You can use the hatchet to chop fire wood. Clean your fish with the emergency knife. Use the waterproof matches to start your fire. Use the hammer and nail puller to turn that scrap lumber into a temporary shelter. Yes, with this shovel you could dig yourself out of ┬ábig heap of trouble.

The Acecamp Survivor MultiTool Shovel is a tool that is perfect to add to your car or truck for summer or winter outings.

Via AceCamp