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AGV Diesel Motorcycle Helmet

agv diesel motorcycle helmet

Quick, whose helmet is cooler, the average motorcycle rider, or a helicopter pilot? Yes, you are right the helmets of helicopter pilots are cool. Their open face design, extra ear room, built-in sun-goggles all make for a helmet that looks cool, comfortable, and highly functional. When AGV and Diesel started working on ideas to create a helmet for motorcycle riders that was ultra-cool, their attention was quickly captured by the helicopter pilot style. The recreated the helmet to make it durable, strong, and protective enough for a motorcycle rider and decided to toss in a series of cool color options and patterns to make the helmets even more incredible.

The AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Motorcycle Helmet is offered through Cycle Gear for $219.99 with seven different color and pattern options.




Via HiC and Cycle Gear