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Annihilator SuperHammer by Dead On

dead on annihilator superhammer

It is time for you to laugh at all of your friends when they pull out their little toy hammers. Drag out your Annihilator SuperHammer from Dead On Tools and watch the envy appear on their faces. This killer tool is 18” long. Dead On has joined together an incredible demolition hammer, bottle opener, axe, wrench nail puller, chisel, tile ripper, and then had the audacity to add in a bottle opener.

When your buddies are still trying to figure out how to rip some siding off of a house and get down to business, you will already by ripping and tearing. This wicked looking tool is available in a 14” edition, just in case your wife or girlfriend is jealous and wants to join the wrecking crew.

The 18”Annihilator SuperHammer retails for $57.32 and the 14” is only $45.79 in the Dead On Store. You might want to grab a pair of Dead On’s great cut off finger Ripper work gloves to go along with your SuperHammer. It will give you the complete appearance of a man on a mission, a very destructive mission.