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Batman Backpack

batman backpack

Do you want your kid to the toughest boy at school? Do you want to be the wildest executive on the elevator? Are you a Batman addict? The Batman Backpack from UD Replicas is not one of those silly backpacks covered in cartoon characters. This is the real deal. This is the same backpack you have seen Batman wear in The Dark Knight in 2008 and it returned to the big screen in 2012 in the The Dark Knight Rises.

This is backpack is not for wussies. It is made out of formed leather and motorcycle grade body armor. It is Batman tough. The backpack has adjustable straps to make sure it fits anyone  from an unassuming portly executive down to a first grader climbing aboard the bus for the first trip to school. If you want the toughest backpack on the block, this is it. The backpacks are priced at $298 Canadian, with shipment starting now.

batman backpack

Via Gizmodo and UD Replicas