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Butterfly Knife Multi-Tool


You have a choice. You can buy a standard multi-tool that looks like a pair of pliers or a Swiss Army Knife, or you can be cool. The Butterfly Knife Multi-Tool packs the great tools you need like flat head screwdriver, saw, hex-head wrench, wire stripper, and bottle opener, but it packs one other critical feature, FUN. With the Butterfly Knife Multi-Tool you can act like a ninja flipping your tool out flipping it around, and being the real stud of pocket tools.

Ok, maybe this multi-tool does not pack as many tools as others. Maybe it is not as tough as few others. Maybe your are a klutz who will never figure out how to flip the tool open, but if  you want that cool touch of being the wildest mult-tool user in town, then this is your tool. It is priced ridiculously low at just $9.99 from ThinkGeek.

Via ThinkGeek