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Charbonize Laptop Bag, Carry All Your Essentials and More!

charbonize laptop bag

As a frequent traveller I often run into the issue of being limited in what I choose to bring with me on the road. I always have my 15-inch Macbook Pro handy, several books, binders and various other electronics but am almost always limited by the amount of storage space. That is when the great folks at Charbonize solved all my problems.
Charbonize has created a high-quality and very durable Laptop Bag (€238) that has allowed me to conveniently pack all my essentials and more! The bag is created using vegetable leather,recycled wool felt and it’s treated with an anti-piling and water-repelling protection. Charbonize’s main concept is to keep their products looking sleek and minimal, for those of you like me who dont always want the busy, over the top name brands taking over the simplicity of the bag’s design.

charbonize laptop bag

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