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Tiny Folding Survival Bow Weighs Folds to Under 2 Feet

compact folding survival bow

Carrying a high-quality bow around in your vehicle can be unwieldy. Go Primal Now knows you can never know when a prime hunting opportunity may appear, or when a survival situation could pop-up. The Folding Survival Bow gives you a full-featured bow in just a fraction of the storage space. In its folded position, the bow is only 23″ long, 1.5″ wide, and 1.5″ deep. The tiny footprint makes it easy to put behind the seat in our pickup truck, the trunk of a car, or even in your backpack. At just 2.25 pounds, it adds very little weight to your backpack, too.

In the unfolded state, the bow is a full 59″ long and is powerful. It requires of full 55 pounds of draw strength to pull it back to 28″ for a powerful and accurate shot. The folding survival bow sells for $149 from Go Primal Now.









Via Bless This Stuff and Go Primal Now