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Crovel Extreme II – Dig and Pry Your Way Out of Trouble

crovel extreme ii

There are so many cool survival tools and multi-tools on the market, but rarely is one as useful as the Crovel Extreme II. The name Crovel stands for Crowbar and Shovel. It takes care of both of those functions in style, with an effective shovel at one end and a crowbar head that doubles as a shovel handle at the other. That combination is enough to get us excited, but it just gets better. The Crovel also has a bottle opener, 500 feet of para-cord wrapped around the handle, a waterproof hollow storage area, a hammer, a saw, a chisel, and more. Just add a few hooks and lures to the hollow handle and you have an incredible survival tool.

This is not a lightweight toy tool either. The shovel head is a whopping 5 pounds, which makes it highly effective for digging. The Crovel Extreme II sells for $139.99 on ThinkGeek.

Via GearHungry and ThinkGeek