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Crumpler Nhill Heist Backpack

crumpler nhill heist backpack

Bicycle backpacks are often ridiculous. You load them up with all your necessities for the office and by the time you arrive your clothes are crumpled, the backpack is swinging everywhere, and you have big sweat marks from the bag. The Crumpler Nhill Heist Backpack eliminates nearly all of these issues.

It is designed to be slim, secure, and cooler than other bags. In many ways the bag looks very boring with black being the only available color. Do not let the boring look fool you. The bag is one of the most sophisticated bags available. Hidden within the slim structure is enough room to carry a 17″ laptop, legal size folders, and all of your other needs for school or the office.

The backpack is designed to stay snugly attached to your body with more contact points than most other bags. The design also takes into account the need for your body to breathe and provides high-tech padding which separates your body from the bag contents. The material is waterproof allowing your ride your bike on a rainy day, or in case a taxi splashes through a puddle drenching you.

The Crumpler Nhill Heist Backpack cost $175 and is available through the Crumpler website.