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El Jefe, The Boss of Keychains

el jefe keychain

We thought our recent find of the ResQMe keychain was the ultimate, but now comes the El Jefe. This keychain has only one mission in life and that is to do it all. This tough little hombre has a bottle opener, knife sharpener, belt loop hook, fire striker, and a ferrocerium rod. This means with the El Jefe and a simple pocket knife you are ready to be lost in the wildernees. You can keep the knife sharp. You can open those bottles of beer you strategically hid before deciding to be lost. You can start a fire to cook the hamburgers in your hidden ice chest. Being lost is horrible.

While the El Jefe may not save your life, it can sure make it more enjoyable when you choose to get lost for a weekend BBQ. The El Jefe is available through their KickStarter project. Right now you can grab one, along with its baby brother the El Nino for $34.

Via KickStarter