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Exotac Matchcap Waterproof Match Case

exotac matchcap waterproof case

You never know when you are going to need a fire, but odds are when you need it most it is going to be cool, damp, and adverse to using matches. The Exotac Matchcap Waterproof Match Case is designed to make sure you have dry matches ready of action at any time. The Matchcap does something most cases do not. Exotac added a red phosphorous striking pad inside the threads so you always have a dry striking surface for your kitchen matches. The case works perfectly with ordinary kitchen matches, NATO lifeboat matches, or even extended length stormproof matches you can find in most camping and sporting good stores.

The case has a strike anywhere rough surface on the bottom. Exotac used square threads to avoid cross threading the cap and ruining the waterproof seal. You can grab an Exotac Case from Amazon for approximately $22.


Via The Fancy and Amazon