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Fiber Optic Athletic Gear

fiber optic athletic gear

Exercising outdoors during the early morning hours or after dark can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are running in the street or pedaling your bike. In a split second a driver could hit you just because they did not spot you fast enough in the dark. Even wearing white clothes and reflective strips may not be enough. The team at NoxGear had a new idea that makes you be seen by even the most dense driver.

Their Fiber Optic Athletic Gear started life as a KickStarter project that received amazing acceptance showing their was a wide demand for greater safety on the roads. The gear is built out of fiber optic tubes that illuminate and cycle colors as you move. This constantly moving light will grab the attention of people behind the wheels of their cars and trucks to increase you safety.

You can pre-order their two unique products by pledging money for their KickStarter project. The project is scheduled to end in just a couple of weeks and then the real fun should begin as the project goes to manufacturing. You can get one of the simple models by pledging $35, or get a Torch It! vest by donating $45 to the project.

Via Kickstarter and NoxGear