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Gerber GDC Tools

gerber gdc tools

Relax men! Gerber does not always mean baby food, sometimes it means something really tough, strong, and awesome. Gerber GDC Tools may not be cute like a Gerber Baby, but they are going to grab the attention of your friends when you whip them out to do some work. The Gerber GDC tool collection are designed to be compact, easy to carry, durable, strong, and to look good together. They carry a consistent carbide gray color scheme across the entire set of tools.

A few of the tool choices include a small LED flashlight, multi-head screwdriver, hex driver set, hook knife, zip knife, and a powerful pocket knife. The tools come equipped with clips so you can attach them to your backpack, belt, zipper, or keychain. The GDC Zip Light is an essential for every man. It has an 8 lumen LED light that lasts for up to 3.5 hours and is perfect for finding your car at night, hunting for lost keys, or to unlock your door in the pitch dark. The GDC Zip Light can even double as a bottle opener so when you’re stranded in the dark with just your 8 lumen light, you can still pop open a cold brew to quench your thirst. Prices range from $11 to $32 for the Gerber GDC tools.

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