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Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit

henry arms survival kit

You probably thought of Henry Rifles for their AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle when you were putting together your Zombie and emergency survival gear, but did you think of them for your basic survival kit, too? If not, you should. The Henry Repeating Survival Kit starts with a hard anodized aluminum case to keep all the items safe and dry. The box is both water and fire resistant. Opening the case will give you a reason to smile. The small 7.3″ x 4.6″ case is packed with all the gear you need to keep you alive while you wait for rescue. Many of the items are the exact same items used in NATO and US Military kits. Survival candles, saws, a rescue mirror, snare wire, a compass, water tablets, survival blanket, and a fire starter are just a start. The kit is jammed with the essentials to make sure you have shelter, heat, light, and the ability to catch food.

Henry Rifles offers this fantastic survival kit for $99.95.




Via All Outdoor and Henry Repeating