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Invisible Bike Helmet from Hovding

invisible bike helmet

Look carefully at the photographs. Do you see the helmet? Hövding created a helmet that is nearly invisible, but you should be able to spot it if you look closely. No, you do not want to look at top of their heads. Do not look near their ears. The helmet is hidden around their neck ready for action. Hövding utilizes airbag technology to create a helmet that only deploys upon need. At the first hint of a collission, the helmet explodes up around your head providing a cushion of air to protect your head from damage. The inflation is so rapid the eye cannot catch it. Tests indicate the helmet absorbs impact more efficiently than traditional bicycle helmets.

While the Hövding helmet may not technically be invisible, it is innovative and effective. Now you need to ask, is your fashion style and safety worth the $530 price tag.


Via Jalopnik and Hövding