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Life Disc Survival Kit

life survival disk

The Life Disc Project on Indiegogo is taking a new direction in the creation of survival kits. The Life Disc is a plastic disc that is 37 mm thick and 200 mm in diameter. Included inside the disc is storage space large enough to hold a water filter, waterproof matches, fire starters, a Swiss Army knife, and a few other small items necessary for survival. The Life Disc includes 12 meters of paracord to use for tying things out of reach of animals, or even to help build a small shelter. 100 meters of fishing line are wrapped on the next layer of the Life Disc. The Life Disc converts into a handy fishing reel so you are ready to catch your next meal.

The Life Disc project is offering an early bird price of $32. You can learn more on their Indiegogo project page.

Via Life Disc on Indiegogo