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LifeCap Waterproof Capsules by Exotac

lifecap waterproof capsule

There are a few things that are essential to survival in the wilderness. You need matches that are dry, bone dry. You need cord that is safe, clean, and dry for setting snares or building shelter. There are those few items you cannot afford to get wet or damaged and for those items Exotac created the LifeCap Waterproof Capsule. This is not the traditional waterproof capsule. The LifeCap has a 100% carbon fiber body anodized to military standards. The cap uses dual o-rings to make sure no water can sneak by. Exotac even provides additional o-rings in case one gets damaged. The LifeCap is guaranteed waterproof to depths of 30 feet, which we hope you never fall into a 30 foot deep puddle.

If you need to keep things dry and protected, the LifeCap by Exotac is the extreme way to make sure. You can order a LifeCap for $135.00.

Via Exotac