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ROLO Travel Bag

rolo travel bag

List a few of the problems you have with your current travel bag. Too bulky, hard to carry, wrinkles clothes, and limited uses are a few that pop into our minds. The ROLO Travel Bag combines the ideas of hanging clothes bag, a backpack, and a carry-on suitcase all in one bag. The ROLO had pockets for storing and organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Once everything is packed inside, you roll-up the bag and hang it over your shoulder with the long shoulder strap. Clothes get fewer wrinkles due to rolling instead of smashing. Socks, underwear, shirts, and shoes stay isolated in their own compartments. When you reach your destination, just hang the bag on the door and you are done unpacking.

This cool method of packing your clothes is still under development via a crowd funding project.





Via ROLO Travel