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Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

fire starter tactical pen smith wesson

You sit quietly using the cool looking stylus on your iPad, Android Tablet, or eReader. You decide you need to jot down a few notes, so you just screw off the stylus top, screw it to the other side and start writing with a high quality ink pen. You look around the campsite and notice the sun is going down and the air is cooling. You flip open the pen, use the striker, and start a small fire to chase away the chill. You notice the campground bully strolling over. You run your finger over the sharp personal protection point and grin. You know if that jerk starts something, you are ready. Imagine all of that tucked inside that cool looking Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen priced at a ridiculously low $39.95.

Now that is a high priced ink pen worth every penny.

Via Smith and Wesson