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Square Beam HD LED Flashlight by Bushnell

square beam hd led flashlight

Bushnell is renowned for their high quality scopes, binoculars, and other opticals. Their HD Torch LED Flashlight is going to blow you away. The flashlight defies tradition and uses a lens and reflector to create a tight powerful square beam. The square beam gives you the illumination you want to see more ground area or floor as you traverse a dark area. Then you need to add in the factor that the HD Torch produces an incredible 165 lumens of light

Obviously with a powerful light like this, you want to take it outdoor to play. The flashlight is waterproof and incredibly tough. You can drop the flashlight on the ground or in the water and it keeps on working. You can buy the watch online from Amazon for around $62.

square beam hd led flashlight

Via Bushnell and Amazon