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Super Jam Boom Box Cooler iPhone Ready

super jam iPod boom box music cooler ipod ready

Are you ready to jam while you slurp down your favorite cold beverage?  The days of the boombox may be over having been replaced by the iPod, iPhone, and other MP3 players.  This interesting combination of music and mayhem it the perfect way to resurrect the boombox while sticking with modern times. The Super Jam Boom Box is a soft-side cooler which can handle about 12 bottles of brew or 18 cans of soda.  The built-in speakers can crank up the tunes once you hook up your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player. The sound system is powered by AAA batteries, so do not expect long lasting play while you suck down all 12 brews. This cool boom box, cooler, and awesome iPhone 4 accessory costs $49.95.

You can buy one from Home Wet Bar