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Survival Slingshot

survival slingshot

Survival gear has been a huge rage in recent years with stories of unrest worldwide, potential for life changing illnesses, and of course those nefarious Zombies, but what kind of weapon is perfect for real survival? Would you believe the slingshot? This awesome Survival Slingshot is crazy in features. Imagine having a targeting light, a scope mount, the ability to shoot large steel bearings, and to shoot full-size arrows. Yes, a slingshot that shoots both full-size and smaller fishing arrows making you the wickedest survivalist around. The hollow handle is packed with waterproof matches, needles, baby pins, hooks, and fishing line.

With the Survival Slingshot you are ready to get food, protect yourself, and even have a little fun. The Survival Slingshot sells for $139.95.

Via Uncrate and Survival Slingshot