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Swiss+Tech BodyGard XL7


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a man? The BodyGard XL7 from Swiss+Tech may be that perfect gift. The small key-ring tool provides a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, a loud alarm, flashlight, emergency flasher, tire gauge, and tire tread checker all in one small device. The tool is not only a great gift for a man, it is thoughtful give for a woman, also. The BodyGard XL7 could save your life after a car accident by letting you escape your car and summoning help with the alarm and flashing light.

Swiss+Tech sells the BodyGard XL7 for $29.99, including the 3 batteries required to power the electric functions. The men in your life may already have a pocket knife they carry, but they probably do not have an all around rescue tool that fits in their pocket.

Via Gear Hungry and Swiss+Tech Tools