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Tactical BBQ Apron

tactical bbq apron

It is time to take your BBQ skills to warrior levels. No more play time allowed. You are a warrior ready to do battle with hotdogs, burgers, steak, ka-bob, brats, and chicken. Bring them on! You can even handle scorching hot wings, burning hot BBQ sauce, or the mild honey flavored sauce. You can do it all when you are prepared with the Tactical BBQ Apron complete with the MOLLE system. You have pockets, pouches, hangers, and every type of storage you need right there on your body. No more worrying about where tools, sauces, and spices are. You have them right at hand ready for action.

The Tactical BBQ Apron sells for $34.99, a tiny price to pay to be the ultimate BBQ chef on your block. It is time to step up your act and become a real BBQ warrior.

Via ThinkGeek