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TASK: Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit

task apocalypse kit lansky

There are no Zombies on the way. The alien invasion has been delayed. Foreign armies are not on the doorstep. So why in the world do you need TASK? Because as every Boy Scout can tell you, BE PREPARED. Things can change in an instant. Volcanoes erupt. Tornadoes rip through the countryside. Earthquakes shake our foundation. Zombies, aliens, and kooky people could be around the next corner. You need the Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit, even if it is just to go camping or backpacking.

TASK is a well-outfitted survival kit including a tough battle axe you can use to fend off wild animals, cut firewood, or chop the head off of a catfish. The kit includes a 20-function tool, knife, blade sharpening kit, compass, fire starter, paracord, flashlight, and water purification kit. If you have this kit in your car or backpack, you are ready for anything.

Via Lansky