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The Douchebag Made Cool for Skiers and Snowboarders

the douchebag

Would you let anyone get away with calling you a douchebag? You might not like the insult, but we bet you would love to carry a DoucheBag designed by Jon Olsson. The DoucheBag is an adjustable length ski and snowboard bag that allows you to adjust the size to match the gear you are taking to the slopes for this trip. The bag is large enough to carry all your gear and is easy to carry with the great shoulder strap. Once you hit the ski lodge and unpack, just roll up the bag a tuck it in a drawer. The bag is designed with skiers and boarders that love to travel in mind and works brilliantly.

The DoucheBag sells for $229. Turning the insult into a compliment, priceless.







Via Bless This Stuff and My Douchebag