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Unbreakable Hatchet by Fiskar

unbreakable hatchet

Hatchets are not an item we usually associate with high-tech until X7 Unbreakable Hatchet came along. Fiskar has taken the common everyday axe and re-engineered it into an incredible tool. Fiskar replaced the traditional wood or steel handle with a composite fiber handle reducing the weight, increasing the strength, and improving swing dynamics. This was just the starting point of their redesign of the axe.

They then used a hardened forged steel head which is ground to a sharper edge than other conventional axes. A non-stick coating is applied to the head to reduce friction for deeper cuts and easier removal from the timber. The head is molded right into the composite handle making it impossible to come loose like happens with so many wood handle hatchets over time.

Fiskar develops their line of hatchets and axes to be perfectly balanced to increase swing speed. Swing speed is of greater importance for clean deep cuts than head weight. They even built in shock absorption in the hatchet to reduce the stress on your hands and arms when you spend a day clearing brush.

A lifetime warranty is included with the axe making it one of the best investments in yard tools around. You can grab a 14” hatchet for $29.95 on Fiskar’s website or for under $25 from Amazon.