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X Stream Survival Pod – This Tangled Rope Could Save Your Life


A quick look at the X Stream Survival Pod leaves you wondering why you want a tangled ball of rope with a carabiner sticking out of it. Unwinding the rope quickly answers the question. Tucked inside this tiny ball of rope is all the gear you need to dramatically increase your chances of survival if you get stranded in the wilderness. The pod includes a firestarter, rope, hooks, a fishing lure, fishing line, hacksaw blade, a snare for catching small animals, and other items to help you secure protection and food in the wilderness.

The X Stream Pod is small enough to clip to your belt loop when you head out for a hike or on the job. This clever survival kit sells for only $28.50 with all proceeds going to groups aiding injured veterans.


Via GearCulture and Bison Designs